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About Us

Healthviser-A Smart Diet Clinic

The fast-paced lifestyle today leaves little space for self-care. It’s only when things cross the limits and we end up with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and higher cholesterol levels, we realize the need for change in our lifestyle.

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Healthviser – A term derived from the combination of the word ‘Health’ and ‘Adviser’, aims primarily to create a service-based industry that focuses on the goals of making every individual understand the need for a custom diet plan that fits their needs perfectly. These diets are based on the study of a team of scientific researchers who specialize in food and nutrition and an expert team of nutritionists & dietitians, who go above and beyond to look through every assigned individual’s body type, body parameters, their medical history, look into their family medical history study, their presiding health status, and lifestyle choices.

Considering all this, our healthvisers create a well-balanced and wholesome diet plan for you. Our team follows up on you on a very regular basis to check the body’s response to the drawn up diet plan and whether the plan requires any further tweaking. What matters more than anything to us is your satisfaction, feedback and to see that you can achieve your disease management and weight management goals; with the added benefit of getting tasty food that keeps you healthy yet satiates your taste buds.
Our various diet plans include weight management plan, diabetic diet plan, PCOD diet plan, and pre and post-pregnancy diet plan. You can reach out to us on our website for any other concerns that require a customized diet plan. All in all; Healthviser is an app that acts as a mediator between you – our valuable customer and an expert team of doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, counsellors and motivators that work as a single unit to help you with your dietary needs.
So, start today!

In two weeks, you’ll start feeling the change. In four weeks, you’ll begin seeing the change & in eight weeks, you’ll start hearing about the change! So, begin the change today!
Over the last 13 years of serving many a client, the best part of the journey would have been watching various transformations in the lives of those from ages far and wide. We have had so many beautiful testimonies about the various changed lives that have given us the courage to move forward with a new sense of drive and purpose. We are #trulyblessed to have so many clients who are pleased with the services that we have provided.
Some of these wonderful words that we have heard as a result of our impeccable service are;“It’s been only 1 week with the diet and have lost 2 kgs already. Feel motivated to lose further as I feel I have gained the momentum now. The diet plan is well customized to your needs and doesn’t ask you to starve. Hoping to drop a few more kilos. Thank you” – Palak Sehgal.
Ruchika Maini says, “I am quite satisfied with this diet as I reduced 5kg in one month. I hope to see further results in the next few months.”

Along with all these accolades that Healthviser has already gained, we have had the chance to give back to the society by taking part in campaigns that seek to improve the nutritional condition of those who are from the weaker section of the community by educating them with the knowledge required to make their everyday cooking more nutritional and not strip the quality of the products being used.
#healthyfoodchoices are truly the way to go in order to avoid disease and excess weight gain. Watch what you eat, today!
Make us a part of your family. Let us guide and help you make the best choices for your family’s and your health! #eatrightnowon

Our Mission

“To aid expanding the habit of healthy eating globally…”

Looking at the current rate of consumption of fast food and its growth rate in 2019 and the expected rate of growth in the fast-food and taking into consideration the upcoming food trends, it is expected to spike to a global high of 690-billion-dollar industry. In comparison to this high a rate, the healthcare industry does not show this high a number projection for the coming year. There is more and more addition of junk food types in the fast-food sector and the healthcare industry isn’t able to cope with this yet. With the growth in the junk food sector, the growth rate in lifestyle-based diseases have also increased many folds.

Research shows that it’s this growth that has begun hampering an individual’s health and most of which results in lifestyle-based diseases that could be rectified through changing one’s food eating pattern.

We at Healthviser, prioritize in seeking to stand in this gap between the growth in the fast-food industry and the healthcare industry and provide you with the best possible diet plans that suit your specific needs that may be to manage your weight or for assistance in controlling one’ s disease.

Our Vision

Healthviser seeks to aim at making a global impact in the marketplace by 2030 in equipping individuals across the world understand their body types, its growth pattern, their allergen triggers, understanding food selection and teaching them to inspect and read ingredients lists on the back of the food etc. and make a better and conscious choice in making an effort to seek the right kind of food and diet one must choose among the variety of products in the local and international markets.

Understanding the body and the circumstances in which it reacts differently to the different variety of food consumed is by far the one of the bigger visions that we aim to achieve through the Healthviser app.

Our customers are our guides. Not only do we focus on solving their ongoing health concerns, but we strive to set goals for them so that the problems they are vulnerable to, don’t come again.

We carry out body disposition and mental disposition assessments to foresee what health issues may arise in coming times. Considering this, our consultants give you advice for the diet plans which are most suitable for you.

Healthviser is ready to go a step beyond to make your life better. Our services extend beyond your health and diet concerns. We’re your friends for life!

Our History

Healthviser has been commercially operational since August of year 2013 from the first primary branch in Chandigarh. We then expanding from the main UT to it’s adjoining tri-city area as a part of a “dry run” test in the year 2014. Within a year, we went onto creat trends and crack one of the toughest markets for wellness in the Punjab corridor. After which through word of mouth we began seeing a lot of demands for Indian household diet plans that could cater to the specific needs of the Indians residing outside India. So, we went on to make a break in the international market by providing customized diet plans, recipes, ingredients shopping list as a service to the NRI’s in the year 2016; which then went to be a massive success.

Tackling these expansions successfully and understanding that there is a greater need for Indian diets that don’t work with the calorie counting methodology enables healthviser to stand in this gap. Thus, we further expanded into the Delhi NCR region by the year 2017. In 2018, we further conquered the areas of Mumbai and Lucknow and aim to conquer many more cities by the year 2020.

Our specialized diet plans for Weight Management, Diabetes Management, PCOD Management, and Pre and Post Pregnancy Diet plans are highly-rated ones. In the past, we’ve achieved a high rate of success and amazing outcomes for diabetes management, renal disease management and also cancer management.

Our diet plans go beyond a customized diet plan. Our team makes sure that you love your new meals! Your comfort and feedback are the major checkpoints to gauge our services. We focus on a customer-centric approach at all steps.

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