How Can Bajra Heal Your 4PM Office Sickness?



Bajra is gluten-free pseudo-grain. As we know, Bajra is rich in magnesium, iron, vitamin B3, Vitamin B1, calcium.
What You Need To Know About Bajra Or Pearl Millets

• Consists of complex CHO, Bajra helps in reducing weight.
• It is good for heart patients.
• It helps with diabetes management.
• It helps in weight reduction.
• It helps in lowering elevated blood pressure.
Bajra is popularly called a poor man’s cereal. It has been a great source of energy for hard working Indians from years.
When you’re in the office, there is a time when you feel drained and tired. It usually happens for most of the office goers at 4 pm when more than half of your office time gets passed away. At such a time, you aren’t able to focus and concentrate on your work.
It results in shadowing your potential, depleting your energy, sacking your concentrations and shaking your confidence. So, at that time you want some energetic food. But, what we generally do is opposite. Many people turn to take unhealthy comfort food for stress management at work.

Work Stress & Energy Depletion

Dealing with work stress in this manner is not good. But have you thought about why it happens? When we are stressed our brain release cortisol hormone, which makes us crave salty, sweet and fat-laden food for the temporary pleasure they bring.

Sugar or fat-laden foods like pizza, burger or some fried food make us feel lethargic. So, in the end, we are less likely to tackle the problem that lies before us in the form of low energy levels at work. This only increase stress levels.

Stress can interfere with one’s productivity and performance, impact the physical and emotional health, and affect your concentration and focus on your work. Long hours of duty, tight deadlines and ever-increasing demands from all corners around you can leave your feeling worried and overwhelmed. Moreover, it can cause many health problems.

That’s why it is important to eat healthy food that is rich in complex carbs that fuel your brain and support in concentration and focus. There are so many foods to relieve stress like nuts, yoghurt, tea, carrot, milk and Bajra.

One of them is Bajra. This is a gluten-free superfood which helps in weight loss. It is loaded with insoluble fibre which helps in burning extra fat.

It contains high quality of protein, with many essential amino acids in its composition. The amino acids profile of pearl millet is better than that of Sorghum and maize and is comparable to wheat, barley and rice.

The consumption of pearl millet is very poor inspire of nutritional superior to other crops. The majority of people in India are economically poor and thus, food choices for a balanced diet are further restricted by poverty and insufficient supply of nutritious food. Bajra flour is a cost-effective way to increase protein, fibre, iron and other nutrients in your diet.

Why Bajra is amazing food?

How Bajra can overcome the fatigue/ tiredness/ atherosclerosis/ weight management and in an anaemic patient?

Because Bajra provides the mildest amount of iron and phosphorous. Iron is a very important nutrient for cognitive skills, thinking, and memory and also for energy. If you suffer from anemic you know that low iron levels in the blood can leave you feeling exhausted and weak due to lack of oxygen being delivered to tissues and a build-up of carbon dioxide. Iron-rich foods are therefore important for your health.

You can use it is as a roti, khichdi or porridge. Because of its rich nutritional profile, it is great winter cereal. You can be used as a salad, or in various south Indian dishes like uttapam. It is very popular in Rajasthan.

It can help in stabilizing the cholesterol levels.

More Reasons Why You Must Include Bajra In Your Diet?

  • Powerful for controlling diabetes: Because of its fibre content, it tends to get digested slowly and releases glucose at a slower rate as compared to other foods.
  • Aids in Digestion: Bajra is rich in insoluble fibre that aids digestion.
  • Prevent Cancer: Bajra has cancer-protecting properties.
  • Reduces Cholesterol: It contains phytic acid which is believed to increase cholesterol metabolism.

Thus, you can see that Bajra is a great source of nutrition and energy and so cost effective at the same time.

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