Indian Spices that can effectively replace supplements

In most of the homes, we can find vitamin and mineral supplements of some kind or another in our kitchen cupboards. The ladies in our homes nearing or past the menopausal age rely a lot on Calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

During the season of pollen allergies and hay fever, we get packed with Vitamin C supplements from the best brands to boost our immune system. However, the question is, do the health supplements manufactured commercially really give us the anticipated benefit?
To your surprise, various research data indicates that vitamin and mineral health supplements we generally consume actually do not provide desired outcomes. As per experiments, most of the supplement content passes out without getting absorbed in the intestines. The body’s cells and tissues do not recognize the chemically manufactured supplements. As a result, a major part of the supplements gets excreted out.
However, when you use natural ingredients, that too, the ones commonly used in your staple diet, your body gets a greater benefit. That is why including a variety of foods cooked in the traditional Indian way can provide your body with a lot of nutritional benefits. The herbs and spices used in food talk to the body cells and tissues. Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that including spices in your diet helps the body in assimilating the essential nutrients; thus, surpassing the need for supplements to a great extent.
This means you have a great reason to smile as you will consume flavorsome fresh food on one hand and you will cut down the expenses of buying supplements, on the other.
Surely, you would like to know how common spices and foods can give you a greater benefit than various kinds of costly supplements. So, just keep reading on.

Turmeric: Did you know that using organically procured turmeric can give you varied health benefits? As per various data from medical research in the recent past, the active ingredient of turmeric helps to relieve nearly 15 bodily ailments. It helps in countering arthritis, heart ailments, diabetes, brain conditions like depression. It has also been observed that regular consumption of turmeric prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Curcumin is known to inhibit the formation of plaques in the brain and heals inflammation. Nevertheless, you need to know the right method of cooking with turmeric to ensure naturally occurring Curcumin gets released into the food. Turmeric should be cooked in healthy organic cooking oil and some amount of black pepper must be added so that Curcumin in its bioactive form is available to the body.

Gooseberry: During the rainy season and winters when the immune system tends to get toppled by infections and lethargy, our body falls prey to infections like common cold, flu and throat infections. In other seasons like fall, allergies take a toll. So, concerned moms make sure that the kitchen cupboard has a vitamin C supplement. However, things still do not work and a visit to the doctor becomes inevitable.

Only if we could have pondered that the humble-looking green gooseberries available in your local vegetable market could do the trick. Gooseberry forms excellent pickles that are simply delicious when combined with the right ingredients. Even a jam or ‘chutney’ of gooseberry, when scooped regularly for certain duration boosts your immunity levels.
Alongside providing Vitamin C, gooseberry is also a rich source of antioxidants. Research has shown it has powerful anti-cancer properties. As per Ayurveda, gooseberry consumption gives you healthy eyes, healthy skin and eternal youth.

Drumstick: Including drumstick in the diet is a powerful way to give your body the required amount of vitamin D. No other food or supplement can give your body Vitamin D like Drumstick. Drumstick soup is consumed; its leaves and other parts are used in various foods. It not only enhances the spicy flavour but gives your body the necessary nourishment.

Caraway: This commonly used flavor-enhancing spice we commonly use in Indian traditional style of cooking is a great source of Calcium and Magnesium and certain B Vitamins. When used to make flavoured spicy chickpeas including caraway as the main ingredient, you get a nutritious treat. Consuming Calcium in this way is a better way to keep your bones strong as excess use of Calcium supplements may lead to kidney stones.

Cardamom: This is a traditional spice rich in folic acid, which is recommended to pregnant women during their gestation period. Folic acid supplements are considered important for the healthy birth of a new life. Including spices like cardamom in ample amount in the diet of expecting mothers can fulfill her nutrient requirements naturally and more effectively.

Bayleaf: This versatile spice used in traditional meals is a great natural resource for B Vitamins and Magnesium. Including bayleaf in your meals ensures a better metabolism and superb health.
These are few examples of how some of the commonly used spices at our homes can give you high fitness levels, that too, without the need to use supplements. You can learn more about the use of common Indian spices to keep you fit and healthy by reaching out to an expert dietitian.

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