Cancer Treatment Diet Plan

Cancer is one of the major cause of deaths in the world. It follows heart disease which is the biggest reason. Cancer is a broad term given to the various types of conditions in which there is an uncontrolled growth and division of cells.

However, there are few cancers which cause cells to grow at a slower rate. In most forms of cancer, these are visible growths known as tumours which affects parts of the body. In blood cancer or leukemia, there is no visible structure outgrowing the tissues. However, there is a marked increase in the number of white blood cells.
Cancer is curable if it is detected early. Most concerning factor is that some cancers develop without showing any symptoms, especially in the earlier stages.
What Leads to Cancer?
Cancer is generally caused due to genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related factors. Some bacteria and viruses also lead to its development.Other reasons include exposure to radiation and consumption of certain drugs and medications that compromise the immune system.
Symptoms of Cancer
There are certain signs and symptoms in the body which help you to know about the cancerous condition in the body. This includes blood in urine or stools, vaginal bleeding, swollen glands, lumps in testicles, breast lump or discharge, low blood count, difficulty in swallowing. Other prominent signs include a persistent cough and blood-tinged saliva. Changes in urination and bowel habits also indicate the prevalence of cancer.
Make sure you get a thorough check-up if you find any abnormal weakness in body or any of the above-mentioned signs of cancer.
How we proceed with cancer Meta-diet plan
The health experts at Healthviser start with a consultation which also includes a body check-up for important parameters.
We choose the ingredients for your cancer control diet which are available in the season and are known to have anti-cancer properties. In other words, we prepare a diet which aims to provide nourishment and treat the condition safely and effectively.
We follow your recovery progress on the app. You can reach out to us online or you can give us a call.

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