Diabetic Diet Plan


Diabetic Diet Plan

Maintaining blood sugar levels is vital to living well in diabetes. Maintaining a healthy diet is vital to meeting your body’s nutritional requirements. The experts at Healthvisor understand your requirements well.

We choose a variety of foods considering your location and season. Alongside this, our team of dietitians takes account of factors like your metabolic rate, blood sugar levels, and insulin requirements for formulation of the best diet plan.


What to expect?

As you arrive, you’ll have a consultation with your dietitian with a body analysis of vital parameters and a nutritional assessment. Following this, you’ll have a counselling session and then the formation of the diet plan.

Our counsellors know that your mental state and medical condition govern your body’s response to any diet plan. That is why our best minds sit together and frame a wholesome and tasty meal plan for you.

At Healthviser, regular counselling and motivation form the heart of our diet programs. Your feedback and regular blood sugar levels tests are important. All the while, we’re there to move you across.

We have in place a strong and effective follow-up plan to check how your body responds to the diet plan. Whether it is for improving the body’s response or for enhancing your culinary digs, our experts tweak your diet plan for desired outcomes.

At all times, your personal dietitian is just a call away at Healthviser!

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