Disease & Lifestyle Management Diet Plan


Disease & Lifestyle Management Diet Plan

All of us want to enjoy a healthy life. As per Clinical nutrition, a healthy body is the result of nutrition and right exercise. You will be surprised that a healthy outcomes come out of 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent physical activities. At Healthviser, we start your process of change with doing a complete body analysis. Taking a through look at your clinical reports, our dietitians will create the personalized diet plan for you.

Our experts are going to design the lifestyle management plan that helps you to get rid of lifestyle and chronic diseases affecting your body. It’s surely a great news for you that our experts just work to give you magic diets for treating chronic conditions just with the right food choices. Not only does the diet management plan help you to do away with diseases, but it also helps you shed extra pounds.

Our diet plans take into consideration metabolism requirements of the body. The treatment plan involves a step by step approach for a Meta -Diet plan.

Body Analysis

We carry out a body analysis for determining the different aspects of the body function. The various body reports help in getting a better understanding of your body. Ultimately, this also helps a person to achieve the right targets as per the chosen diet plan.  This includes measures like height, weight, visceral fat, muscle mass, resting metabolism, body mass index, subcutaneous fat and more.

Counseling Session

Counseling’s forms the core of all our treatment plans it is imperative to get an insight into your mental make-up and your physical condition, and lifestyle habits, eating styles to get a thorough understanding of what can work for you. We offer you a personal motivation and counseling session with our various diet plans.

creating a diet plan

Creating a Diet Plan

When we take account of all your food choices, kitchen, lifestyle, we create a diet plan which is practical and easy to follow. To assure the right outcomes, we go in for a weekly follow up. Comprising of three online feedback session or 3 visits to the clinic, whatever is possible form your location. We can modify the diet or make certain changes on the basis of what you say.

The best part is that diet plan includes the meal you like in healthy and delectable combinations. You‘ll enjoy every moment on your pathway to health!

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