Heart Care Diet Plan


Heart Care Diet Plan

Heart disease is generally described as a range of conditions resulting due to blocked or narrowed vessels. This leads to chest pain, heart attack and stroke. Valves and the rhythm are the other conditions considered as heart conditions. Healthy diet choices are important for maintaining a healthy heart.

There are various symptoms like fever, dizziness, fatigue, racing heartbeat, fluttering in heartbeats, and shortness of breath, swollen ankles and feet, pain in abdomen, neck, back or jaw. Other symptoms include chest tightness in chest pain, pressure in chest and discomfort.

The chances of treatment of heart disease increase if you detect it early. Never ignore your health and get a checkup done if you have any of these symptoms.

What Leads To Heart Disease?

There are many factors leading to heart disease. Ageing is one of the prominent ones. With age, arteries supplying to the heart muscles get narrowed and suffer from damages. Alongside this, the heart walls and muscles get weak with advancing age. Higher stress levels add to risk of heart disease. Excess weight leads to heart disease risk factor. Smoking enhances the risk of heart attack.

Poor dietary choices also lead to the heart diseases.  In other words, a diet having an excess of salt, sugar, cholesterol, and fat are causative factors of heart disease.

Some of the serious stages of heart disease include heart failure, heart attack, cardiac arrest, or peripheral artery disease.

Our heart disease diet care plan helps your heart get healthier whether you are prone to heart disease or you are already suffering from a condition.

Our experts provide you with customized dietary plan that meets your specific nutritional requirements.  We also take into account your lifestyle and also consider what you usually use in your kitchen. Our consultation team follows you up with regular calls to get your feedback. If you need any changes, we make the necessary ones.

We give you the right heart care diet specifically designed for your body requirements and medical condition. A well balanced diet can help you recover from an unhealthy heart condition.

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