Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan


Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

Having a baby is certainly one of the milestones for a woman. After you become a mother, your responsibility enhances. On one hand, you have to make sure the baby is well taken care of, while on the other, you have to tend to yourself.

No wonder, post-pregnancy, the body gains a lot of weight and inches. No wonder, you’re eager to slip back into your favourite outfits and dresses, but the extra pounds wouldn’t let you! Ideally, you should plan to return to your pre-pregnancy weight in 6  -12 months post-delivery. Most of the weight loss of baby weight occurs post 6 weeks of postpartum. The rest is lost in the following months. With a good diet and exercise plan, you can achieve your normal weight earlier and healthily. Breastfeeding also helps you shed the extra inches.

The post-pregnancy diet plan of Healthviser takes care of all the aspects. Our packages include the use of healthy seasonal vegetables and fruits. You’re thoroughly going to savour this diet plan with a variety of seasonal specialities.

Our diet plan not only ensures that you get a healthy weight loss after delivery but also that the baby gets all nutrients vital for his or her development, in the feed.

It is important to keep in mind that losing weight depends greatly on the metabolism of a person. Thus, the results may vary in different people. Some people lose weight faster, others may take a while.

We follow-up with you for a personalized plan based on your body requirements and metabolism. Remember, we’re your friends on your journey back to regain all the activities you love.

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