Weight Gain Diet Plan


Weight Gain Diet Plan

In the modern scenario, we know of several health issues related to obesity. We seldom think about it, but being underweight leads to various health problems. Moreover, there are many misconceptions associated with gaining weight safely. Many weight gain and loss methods lead to serious long-term and short-term effects.

Who Requires The Weight Gain Diet Plan

Underweight individuals need to gain weight. Apart from that, people who are into bodybuilding and wanting to build muscle mass can get benefit from weight gain diet plan. Weight gain results when numbers of calories you take exceed the numbers of calories burnt. The diet plan and the number of calories the body needs vary in different individuals.

Common Reasons For Being Underweight

Lower body weight can result due to different reasons like chronic or frequent illness, a higher amount of physical activity, a higher basal metabolic rate and several mental illnesses like bulimia.

Why Being Underweight Is A Problem?

There are various problems one may face due to being underweight. These include anaemia, feeling of fatigue, tiredness, osteoporosis, falling sick frequently and skin teeth and hair problems on a recurrent basis.

A lower than normal body weight in women also leads to irregular periods and incompletion of the gestation period or premature birth.

How Healthviser Helps You Gain Weight

After you have decided to work towards getting a healthy body weight with your Healthviser, we are going to make sure you meet your healthy target body weight.

You will have an initial consultation for assessing your body nutritional requirements. We analyze your medical history and your mental status (for checking motivation). Alongside this, we‘re going to sneak peek into your kitchen to check what you like to cook and we’ll also ask you about your food preferences.

All this information is given to you and your Healthviser. Now, your Healthviser is going to work with a team of dietary experts and certified doctors to create the healthiest and tastiest meal plan for you!

We’re also going to follow you up with a weekly plan to get your feedback regularly. If you need any changes, we’ll tweak your diet plan to make sure things work well for you and you achieve your healthy body weight.

Your healthy and charming look is going to return to you with a tasty diet plan! What more can you ask for? Remember, we’re there for you at all times!

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