Weight Loss Diet Plan


Weight Management Diet Plan

Healthviser has several weight management plans so that you can achieve your health and weight goals. With these plans, our team of experts focuses on your requirements. Your consultation is accompanied by body analysis providing deep insights into the targets you have to meet.

Using the information, expert dietitians create a customized diet plan wired for success. Our meta-diet plans involve three steps leading to a new & happy you!

Body Analysis

This is the foremost stage of your healthy weight loss program. Here, we assess various body parameters. Our team uses this information to prepare diet and lifestyle change plans for achieving your aesthetic and fitness goals. The different parameters we note in this process include height, weight, visceral fat and body mass index.


“You don’t drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.” -Anonymous

It’s no secret that most of the dieters leave their endeavours midway. You will not get results for weight loss if you just set the goals. Diet is not only about checking on calories, rather it is a positive lifestyle change.

Things are easier said than done. We understand this well. Thus, our team of counsellors makes sure that you stay on top of the plans. For this, we focus on two aspects that drive you – your physical state and your mental state.

You know that staying at an unhealthy weight is not a good idea, we help you to swim through the difficult part. Once you get the results, it adds to your zeal. We’re your partners to good health.

The best thing is, you can reach out to us when you need. We’re there to keep you motivated and moving ahead. Remember, your counsellor is just a call away!

Personalized Diet Plan

If you’re thinking you’ll be on a tough diet plan with foods you’ve never heard of before, oops, you ‘re not right! We take into account your lifestyle and what you cook in your kitchen before we plan a diet for you.

Everything will be available in your local market and things you’ll enjoy cooking in your kitchen, and of course, you’ll love the taste as well!

Medical history of our patients is a primary factor we keep in mind while we carry out analysis on what diet plan would suit you the most.

What To Expect?

You will have expert dietitians working along to help you achieve weight loss/ gain goals. Experience the process of lifestyle change with customized diet plans which take care of culinary buds too.

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