Alopecia Diet Plan


Alopecia Diet Plan

This refers to an autoimmune condition resulting due to unpredictable hair loss. This condition leads to hair loss as the person’s immune system attacks the body. Thus, hair gets lost in patches both from the scalp as well as the body. It may lead to complete loss of hair from the entire body. This condition affects individuals irrespective of their age and gender. However, mostly it occurs in males, before the age of 30.

We just check your kitchen and your lifestyle and habits to render you a highly effective diet plan meeting all your nutritional requirements.

All in all, you will find it so convenient to prepare your nutrient-rich meals.

What Leads To Alopecia

There are various factors causing alopecia. This may occur due to stress, radiation therapy, certain kinds of treatments and medications. People may also get alopecia as a result of certain hairstyle treatments. Various hormonal changes also lead to treatment.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hair Loss

Various symptoms of hair loss include full body hair loss, patches of bald spots, gradual thinning of hair. You also get scales and patches which are spread all over the scalp.

At Healthviser, our experts take the utmost care of your requirements and give you the best diet plan. First of all, we carry out a body analysis to find out your nutritional requirements. Following this, you have a counselling session whereby we analyze about your mental status and body constitution.

Weekly Diet Change

Our Healthvisers give you a well-planned diet plan with the best foods known to counter the condition and revamp your immune system. We take special care of your medications, and any herbal supplements good for you. Your feedback is all the more important for us. We make all the changes you need.

We make our best effort so that you get your mane back. Importantly, we want to bring back your smile.

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