Depression Diet Care Plan


Depression Diet Care Plan

Depression refers to a cluster of mental health issues leading to sadness and lack of interest in usual activities. The affected person may also experience mood swings and anxiety. In extreme cases, there are suicidal thoughts.

Everyone faces challenges and problems in life leading to sadness. However, when these negative feelings and notions persist for a long time, it translates to depression.

Depression is more prevalent in women than in men. The condition manifests in the form of loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy earlier. Life events like loss of a loved one, and other challenging circumstances may lead to depression.

As per medical experts, depression results due to combination of biological, genetic, physiological and environmental factors.

The various symptoms of depression include insomnia, feeling of fatigue, feelings of guilt, restlessness, suicidal thoughts, low appetite and unintentional weight loss. Additionally, the person finds it hard to concentrate and make decisions.

Our experts design a diet plan for people affected by depression. We take care that you get all the essential nutrients healthily.


How we plan your diet

You will get a consultation wherein we strive to get an understanding of your body requirements, eating habits and lifestyle. We share all this information with you and your personal Healthviser. Our experts prepare a personalized diet plan for you to tend to your nutritional needs, dietary requirements and preferences. Your diet plan for depression includes all the foods that are known to improve mental health conditions and have properties for mood uplifting.

You will surely feel better with our depression diet plan giving you a fairly healthy solution for all your requirements. Whenever you want to reach out to us, remember we are just a call away!

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